Reusable static web code templates and documentation for projects that focus on teaching concepts around digital collections, oral histories, text analysis, and responsible data curation.


Each project’s template code is hosted in a GitHub repository and accompanied by example documentation and lesson plans that can be adapted to fit a specific classroom context or need.

Use Cases:

Incorporate projects into a humanities or social science-focused classroom to enhance critical engagement with cultural material while also teaching transferable technical skills such as data management and web literacy.

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Digital Exhibit Lab

Topics: digital collections; primary sources; metadata

Digital Exhibit Lab is designed to teach digital scholarship concepts and critical literacies via a hands-on experience creating a digital collection. Students are invited to do archival research, curation, description, and metadata, resulting in a final published digital exhibit website.

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Oral History as Data

Topics: oral histories; data literacy

Using the Oral History as Data tool as a foundation, this module will walk you through the preparation, coding, and configuration needed to build and visualize a digital collection of interviews.

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Writing with Visualizations

Topics: text analysis; primary sources; writing for the web

The Writing with Visualizations project template facilitates the publication of multimedia web essays that incorporate supporting material in image and document format. The template can also be used to explore text analysis and topic modeling.

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Lesson Template

Topics: documentation; lesson planning

A minimal Jekyll template with sidebar content nav for creating lesson and workshop websites using Markdown

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Data Curation

Topics: digital collections; metadata; data literacy

A lesson plan and example project that introduces learners to describing and analyzing primary sources and making them publicly available online through CollectionBuilder.

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Static Web Foundations with CollectionBuilder

Topics: digital collections; data literacy

Lesson plans and materials associated with a CollectionBuilder workshop held at the University of Oregon Libraries DREAM Lab.

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