How to Use This Site


The Modules page of this site contains descriptions and links to five learning modules designed to quickly introduce students, instructors, and librarians to basic concepts and skills often used in static web projects. Instructors and librarians may find it useful to work through these modules themselves and explore the additional resources they highlight.

Additionally, the modules can be assigned to students, either as preparation for a larger static web project or simply to introduce concepts such as GitHub, Markdown, or HTML. Not all modules need be assigned, only those the instructor finds relevant to the project or lesson at hand. Similarly, modules need not be assigned in sequential order (though some may find it helpful to work through the Intro to GitHub module first since all modules are hosted on GitHub).


The Templates page of this site contains descriptions and links to example project code templates, demo sites, and accompanying documentation. Instructors and librarians should browse template descriptions and topics and view demo sites to identify which projects might be a good fit for their contexts.

Each project’s code is hosted as a code template on GitHub, which instructors can copy and modify. Similarly, project documentation is meant to be modified to fit unique teaching contexts. In particular, the Lesson Template can be copied and populated with documentation for a digital project or workshop of an instructor’s choosing.