Modules introduce basic concepts in static web development, including GitHub, HTML, Markdown, data concepts, and computational methods.


  • Modules are written in markdown files hosted on GitHub for easy copying and reuse.
  • Each module takes 30 minutes or less to complete.

Use Cases:

  • Assign one or more modules as homework for students before beginning a static web project in the classroom
  • Combine modules into a sequential workshop or class session

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Introduction to GitHub

Skills: GitHub; Git

Introduces newcomers to using and understanding GitHub. Includes instructions for creating a GitHub account and repository, learning how to commit changes, and turning on GitHub Pages.

Introduction to the Web and HTML

Skills: GitHub; HTML; CSS

Provides an overview of the fundamental building blocks of websites, HTML. Broken into several parts that can be reviewed separately.

Introduction to Markdown

Skills: GitHub; Markdown

Introduces newcomers to Markdown, a markup language for adding formatting elements to plain text files.

Introduction to Data

Skills: GitHub; Google Sheets

Gives newcomers a surface-level introduction to digital project metadata to configure a static website. Includes an introduction to metadata, an introduction to using and editing spreadsheets in Google Sheets, and instructions on how to download an existing metadata sheet, edit it in Google Sheets, save it as a csv and re-upload it to GitHub.

Introduction to Computational Methods

Skills: GitHub; Jekyll; Liquid

Using sample data included in the repository, introduces steps that demonstrate how Jekyll builds a static site and how the Liquid template language is used to manipulate and control the data that populates the site.